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     精细创造精品, 品质成就品牌。公司以“为用户提供优质的产品、全面的技术支持和个性化的解决方案”为己任, 严格执行ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001质量、环境、职业健康安全管理体系;先进完善的生产、检测设备及专业从事产品开发和应用开发的技术团队,可为用户提供多元化、专业化、全方位的服务。经过多年的创新发展,公司已跻身全国知名AG苹果AG安卓行列。获得“全国农产品加工示范企业”、“云南省成长型中小企业”、“高新技术企业”、“民营小巨人企业”、“云南中烟AG苹果AG安卓合格供应企业A级资质”、“云南省认定企业技术中心”、 “云南省著名商标”等多项殊荣。


     Yunnan runyu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.has been upholding the operation concept of“scientif c and innovative, realistic and pragmatic, honest and trustworthy".The company is devoted to the research and industrialization of natural flavors, tobacco flavors, and synthetic perfumes.Through constant innovation and creation, it has acquired a series of patent technologies in natural flavor extraction including ethanol extraction, enzymatic extraction and stage extraction, and developed 100 varieties of products, with a never increasing marketshare domestically.

     Ref nement makes perfect,and quality shapes a brand.The company takes providing users with quality products, comprehensive technological support and personalized solution packages as its responsiblities, and strictly complies with such management systems in quality,environment and occupational health and safety as ISO 9001,ISO 14001,and OHSAS 18001;advanced and perfect production and inspection instrument as well as a specialized technological team in product development and application offer users diversified,professional and al-round services.With many years of innovative development,the company has so far been included into the list of famous domestic enterprises in flavors and fragrances.Among the cluster of awards it obtained are“National Agro-product Processing Demonstration Enterpri e",Yunnan Small and Medium-sized Enterpr se of Growth-type",“New and High-tech Enterpri e",“Flagship Prv ately-owned Enterpri e",“A-class Qual fed Supplier of Yunnan Tobacco Materials in Flavors and Fragrances", “Yunnan Provincial Recognized Enterprise Technological Center", “Famous Brand in Yunnan"and many other il us trio us titles.

     The company has been performing inline wth cutting-edge standards, and devotedly satisfying users'needs with its quality and broad products and services.It sincerely welcomes people from all walks to carryout negotiation and cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win situation and create a brighter future!

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